Established in 2005, Metriqe Solutions is a leader in providing support to your back office or ‘overhead’ departments.
Our primary services are:

Financial Services – This division specializes in recording, reconciling and reporting your financial data. We use your existing platform thereby eliminating any capital expenses associated with transferring this service. Each one of our Financial Consultants has an MBA or an advanced degree with at least 5 year’s experience in their respective domain. Our services range from simple A/P entries to complex reconciliation of balance sheet transactions.

Administrative Services – This division focuses on a wide range of services from data entry and transcriptions to the more complex payroll processing and benefit deductions. On average, our reconciliations help save or recover about 3% of your benefits related expense (insurance, 401k, etc).

IT Services – Our IT division focuses on Server maintenance, Help Desk support, and PMS data extraction. Each one of our Senior IT associates is certified in his/her area of expertise.

Innovation at Play

At Metriqe, we believe in Innovation culture, which for us incudes, advances in processes for discovery and experimentation. The new process we believe will help mitigate risk exposure as opportunities and solutions are better defined.

Better definitions will reduce ambiguity and uncertainty. Process management discipline, leveraged through innovation initiatives, allows us to overcome shortages of key technical talent and lower product cost curves, and expand into international markets.

For us our continuous contribution of ideas is very important to help our clients achieve high performance. Our interest towards continuous innovation allows to drive value for our clients. We are continuously improving our tech
landscape to provide greater transparency into each client’s finance operations.